How to create a custom wrapper distribution

while wrapper documenation points out how custom distribution URLs are configured but don’t gives me a good hint / link / start point of how to CREATE such a custom wrapper distribution
really can’t find any word about in blogs, docs or even “googling” it … can someone please point out some “well hidden” documentation by providing a deep link … I’m annoyed in searching another 4 hours
Thanks :wink:

This section is really only about customizing the Wrapper task. It doesn’t refer to “building or using a custom Gradle distribution”. The distribution we reference here is just the plain ZIP file that you would usually download from the Gradle webpage. Can you point out the part of this section that made you think that we are talking about a custom Gradle distribution? Happy to improve or accept a pull request to make the explanation crystal clear.

Here’s some example code that let’s you build a custom Gradle distribution if you want to do so:

hi @bmuschko, I 'don’t “expected” to found there but expected to get a good point to start from. Even I just wanted to state out, that the only “documentation” I can find about the wrapper is about customization. Sorry for being unclear. But as you ask, I think phrases like

… might require you to dive deeper into customizing the Wrapper. Thankfully, the built-in wrapper task exposes numerous options to bend the runtime behavior to your needs …

are indeed a bit misleading … or perhaps only to me as I’m not a native English speaker :wink:

but, back to the question, thank you for pointing out the example, but to cut a long story short : you mean: there is no “official” guide and the thing you need is to unzip a public distribution and repack it … alright … didn’t thought it is that … stupid simple :slight_smile:

This text should probably be more explicit and say “into customizing the Wrapper task” (including a link to the API). Would you care for creating a pull request?

you mean: there is no “official” guide and the thing you need is to unzip a public distribution and repack it

I think we simply didn’t get around to writing something on this topic yet. We mention this topic on the forums every once in a while so I believe it would make sense for us to cover it in more detail and link to a sample project. I created an issue for us internally to write content on creating and using a custom Gradle distribution.

you’re welcome:

that means not at the normal issue/public tracker?!


you’re welcome:

Thanks, I will have a look soon.

that means not at the normal issue/public tracker?!

Right now we have a different repository for tracking documentation issues. Unfortunately, at the moment it is not public.