How to construct depencies for pdf files with no Maven conform filenames

I have revised my enquiry again to show only the open question.

I have an Artifactory repository in which, in addition to other Maven-compliant deployed jar files, there are also PDF files that have not been loaded into the Artifactory in a Maven-compliant manner.

Example: For a fictitious module xxx, I have the following files in my artifactory location:
Although the file names of the two PDF files are different, they have the same Maven coordinates: group: ‘’, name: ‘’, version: ‘8.1.0’, ext: ‘.pdf’

I have tried this dependency definition for this purpose:

repositories {
  ivy {
    url <https://"myRepository">
    patternLayout {
      artifact "[organisation]/[module]/[revision]/[artifact].[ext]"
      m2compatible = true
  metadataSources {
dependencies {
  implementation(group: "", name: "", version: "8.1.0", changing: true) {
    artifact {
      name = 'MIC-XXX_User_Guide_de' 
      extension = 'pdf'

Unfortunately, this dependency definition gives me this error:

> Could not find MIC-XXX_User_Guide_de-8.1.0.pdf (
     Searched in the following locations:

When resolving the dependencies, Gradle expects my PDF files to contain the version at the end of the file name (typical for Maven).
Do you have any advice on what I need to change so that Gradle tries to download MIC-XXX_User_Guide_de.pdf instead of MIC-XXX_User_Guide_de-8.1.0.pdf?

thanks in advance!

This is what I get from your snippet, so it seems to work as expected:

     Searched in the following locations:

Maybe you did not save the file or something like that?

Thanks for the tip. This is different from what I have observed. I’ll have to investigate this further.

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