How to change eclipse-wtp libDeployPath

How do i change the eclipse-wtp libDeployPath from the default /lib to /APP-INF/lib? I have set the following in my build.gradle file:

eclipse {

wtp {

libDeployPath = ‘/APP-INF/lib’

} }

When I execute the eclipse task the deploy path does not change in my eclipse deployment descriptor file. I check this in eclipse through project properties on the Deployment Assembly page.

I need to change this because when the EAR and Oracle WebLogic EAR extensions project facets are checked it creates an APP-INF/lib directory and copies all dependencies from /lib to /APP-INF/lib. The deploy fails because there are 2 lib directories.

What version of Gradle do you use? It’s actually eclipse.wtp.component.libDeployPath property (in your post you’re missing ‘component’).

Also check out eclipse.wtp.component.file.whenMerged {} hook to debug what’s going on and what is the target path.