Change Eclipse Project with wtpEclipse

(heiko.kundlacz) #1

Hello, I am using gradle 1.2 on Windows and configure the classpath with the task eclipseClasspath which works fine. The configuration is:

apply eclipse-wtp
eclipse {
   wtp {
      component {
         contextPath = 'someContextPath'
         deployName = 'demoSample'
         classesDeployPath = 'WEB-INF/classes'
        classpath {
      plusConfigurations += configurations.provided
      downloadSources = true
      downloadJavadocs = true

Starting the build with eclipseWtp returns me always the UP-TO-DATE message on this task.

Any hints what I am doing wrong?

Thanks, Heiko

(Szczepan Faber) #2

Hey, can you submit a complete build file?

Perhaps you’re missing apply plugin: ‘war’

(heiko.kundlacz) #3

Hi Szczepan You saved my day. That’s it. But it is pretty hard to find the problem. I wondered why I haven’t seen some tasks in ./gradlew tasks

Now I know the reason.

Thanks, Heiko