How to change application's package name dynamically in a gradle task?

I am overriding the task:

connectedCheck {

in my application’s build.gradle.

I want to change the package name when this task is ran so I can have two instances of my application on device during testing, one for automation/unit tests and one for just installing the app normally. Currently, when i run ./gradlew connectedCheck, it overwrites the current app install, and deletes itself when finished.

I have tried.


You are wrestling with the default behavior of ‘android’ plugin described in that wants to install the app, test it and uninstall the app. IMO there is a risk that whatever you find can break with their next update because it is still under development.

Can’t you just create a flavor for these instrumented tests and run {{./gradlew connectedInstrumentTestDebug}} ? The flavor can get its own package name.

thanks for the answer. (side note, how would I delete this question?)

Do you need to for security reasons? We generally don’t delete anything unless there’s a security/privacy concern.

yes, for security reasons.