Changing Java package name case requires a clean build

Gradle Version: 2.14
Operating System and JVM version: Windows 7, Java 8
Is this a regression? If yes, which version of Gradle do you know it last worked for? No


We hit an issue where a developer changed the case of a package from uppercase to lowercase. When he committed and shared these changes, developers consuming the changes had failures while testing the code. It appears that on Windows at least, gradle is not recognizing that the package name is different and should rebuild the class files into a directory with a different name (removing the old one as Windows is case insensitive).

The referenced test project has instructions for replicating this. Not a huge deal but is causing a ripple of issues through our development teams as each person hits this and doesn’t understand why things are failing.


Hi @petehayes,

Thanks for reporting the problem. I have created a Jira issue for the bug, it’s . @lptr already created an integration test that reproduces the problem on Windows.

Regards, Lari

That’s great. Thanks Lari.