How to call application plugin with different arguments in different tasks?

Easy setup, yet I cannot find how to achieve it: I have an application with a main class, which can take several command line arguments, and depending on them does different things.

Now I simply want to create tasks which call the program with some specific arguments. E.g. a task doSomething, which calls the main class with “–something”, so that ‘’‘gradle doSomething’’’ executes my main class with some arguments.

I am using the application plugin, but can’t find how to call it with different parameters depending on the task.

You’ll have to declare your own ‘JavaExec’ tasks. For details, see ‘JavaExec’ in the Gradle Build Language Reference.

Alright, thanks to Peter’s tip I could find a solution:

class RunWithParam extends JavaExec {}
  task crawl(type: RunWithParam, dependsOn: [build]) {
 main = "package.MainClass"
 classpath = sourceSets.main.runtimeClasspath
 args = ['parameter']

Don’t know, if that’s idiomatic, though. Coming to think of it, I guess you don’t need the subclass, unless you want to share some common configuration.

Right, no need to subclass. And if you wanted to provide a custom API, you’d usually declare a task class that delegates to ‘project.javaexec’, rather than inheriting from ‘JavaExec’.