How to browse through project dependencies in Eclipse (conveniently)

I started using Buildship plugin a couple of weeks back. It works great, thanks.

The maven eclipse plugin has additional views for pom files. One of them is ‘Dependency Hierarchy’. I find it extremely useful and convenient when tackling a wide range of issues. My team takes care of most of build issues and that feature is a lifesaver.

I think I can run dependencies task but the ‘Dependency Hierarchy’ feature clearly beats it on usability front. Just wondering if there’s a way to do it for build.gradle files via Buildship. If not, it’d be great if you could add it to your roadmap (or point me where I could create a ticket).

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The implementation is actually more difficult, than it looks like. Currently there is no option to query dependencies via the Gradle Tooling API with the same details as you find when you execute gradle dependencies. So to implement a ‘dependencies view’ first we have to add new functionality to Gradle and then we have to consume it from Buildship.

Nonetheless, you can always create a new issue in Bugzilla to submit your request.

Hi @donat - was there a bugzilla ticket created for this? If not, I will be happy to file one. Thanks for the great work being done here!

There is no bugzilla entry for that yet, feel free to open one.
Also, if if you or anybody else interested in implementing this feature, let us know, we would be happy to guide through the process.

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It doesn’t necessarily have to live in the Gradle code base. It could live in the Buildship code base and be injected into the build. IntelliJ IDEA also has a nice view where you can see all dependencies. What’s especially useful is that you can also see unresolved dependencies (which are currently just ignored, leaving the user wondering what went wrong). It would definitely be a great contribution.

@phaninra since you take care of all build issues, have you heard of Build Scans? They can really help you diagnose all kinds of issues that your developers are facing. You get all the information about what went on in the developer’s build at a glance. No more “can’t reproduce” :slight_smile:

Hi @donat - I was hoping to see if I can contribute for this feature in this holiday period. I would appreciate if someone can give me a push in the general direction and I can try to come up with something here. Though I have never done any development of eclipse plugins, I am willing to learn!

Hi @donat

Any pointers for me here?


The first step would be to do the development setup. After that it really depends on what you want to start with: If you want to do a mockup of the UI first (my recommendation), then you’ll want to get comfortable with Eclipse SWT. If you want to learn how to get the data first, you’ll want to look at the Tooling API tutorial.