How time have need the Gradle plugin for the load on the

(Vincenzo Palazzo) #1

Hello guys, how time have need for load into repository my new gradle plugin?

I did have load a plugin two day a go but now is in appending state yet.

Thanks so much, and sorry my terrible English

(LingoCoder) #2

The very first time you publish a plugin, it will take approximately a full working day (weekends don’t count).

If you don’t change the group id the next time you publish, then subsequent versions are published immediately.

If you don’t hear from Gradle by Monday, shoot 'em an email with this „How do I get further help?“ form.

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(Vincenzo Palazzo) #3

Thanks, tomorrow i hope have a updates

(Raphael R.) #4

We published Wednesday last week (= two full workdays ago) and haven’t heard back yet. There seems to be some backlog?

(Vincenzo Palazzo) #5

Try sending a message with the form give me feedback if they respond you

(LingoCoder) #6

Because of this

(Vincenzo Palazzo) #7

Thanks so much for your feedback, now I’m quiet for my plugin in appending state

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