A new version of a plugin is identified as new plugin instead of an update


(mat) #1

This is the task output of the Gradle publishing plugin:

> Task :publishPlugins
Publishing plugin com.intershop.gradle.component.installation version 1.0.0-dev.3
Thank you. Your new plugin com.intershop.gradle.component.installation has been submitted for approval by Gradle engineers. The request should be processed within the next 24 hours, at which point you will be contacted via email.

But there is a version 1.0.0-dev.1 available in the plugin portal:

This is the configuration:

plugins {
    // plugin for publishing to Gradle Portal
    id 'com.gradle.plugin-publish' version '0.10.0'
gradlePlugin {
    plugins {
        componentDeployPlugin {
            id = 'com.intershop.gradle.component.installation'
            implementationClass = 'com.intershop.gradle.component.installation.ComponentInstallPlugin'
pluginBundle {
    website = "https://github.com/IntershopCommunicationsAG/${project.name}"
    vcsUrl = "https://github.com/IntershopCommunicationsAG/${project.name}"
    description = project.description
    tags = ['intershop', 'gradle', 'plugin', 'deployment', 'component']

    plugins {
        componentDeployPlugin {
            id = gradlePlugin.plugins.componentDeployPlugin.id
            displayName = "${project.description} - Prepare Plugin"

In the history new plugins and also new versions of plugins where available immediately after the publishing. This is important for us, to solve plugin issues immediately. But now I have to wait for 24 hours?

(Eric Wendelin) #2

@mat are you using the java-gradle-plugin by chance? Is it possible that the group/version of the project is in conflict with the new plugin-publish plugin v0.10 you have adopted?

You won’t have to wait for approval each time regardless. I have approved the new Maven Group submitted to the portal.

All good now?


(mat) #3

I identified the change. :smile: The new plugin take into account the configured group in the project.
The old plugin published the plugin with a the group gradle.plugin.. It seems that the new plugin takes the group without any prefix.

We publish currently plugins to the plugin portal and to Bintray(JCenter). Therefore we can’t change the configured group name. Is there an other solution? Or do we need with the next update always an approval?

(Mr Nerd With Benefits) #4

Hi Eric, we ran into the same problem as Matt for io.apioo.build plugin. Upgraded the gradle.plugin-publish to 0.10.0

We currently have two plugins under io.apioo.build and io.apioo.versioning, it would be nice if we don’t run into the same problem with the versioning plugin after we resolve this issue.

best regards.

(Eric Wendelin) #5

I approved your “io.apioo.build” plugin. You should now be able to publish other plugins to the same group ID without the need to go through approval.

Let us know if you run into any troubles.


(Mr Nerd With Benefits) #6

Thnaks Eric. Much appreciated.

(Stefan Oehme) #7

To everyone else who may run into this: This will only happen once, then you can publish immediately as usual. We’re moving plugins away from the artificial prefix and into their “real” group ids. This requires an approval to make sure no one else publishes under your group.

Error "NoSuchKey" for plugin https://plugins.gradle.org/m2/org/standardout/gradle-eclipseconfig/1.1.1/

I also ran into this with https://plugins.gradle.org/plugin/org.openstreetmap.josm . Can you please approve the new version 0.5.1?

Can’t the approval be automated for plugins that have earlier versions published, so not every plugin author has to wait for days until the new version gets approved?

Edit: And can you please also update https://plugins.gradle.org/docs/publish-plugin where it still says that the prefix is added to the group-id.

(Stefan Oehme) #9

No, because they were never approved. Approval should not take days though, but one work day at most if everything is okay with your plugin.


Well, I published the new version on Sunday, now it’s late Tuesday. I assumed the plugin already went through approval when I released the first version, but that could be my memories fooling myself in hindsight :wink:.

No big deal, I’m just awaiting the approval so I can update the projects that use this plugin.

Edit: The plugin is now approved, thanks.