How hand compile gradle-wrapper.jar, when gradle cannot be installed and cannot check jar files into git?

Suggestions for compiling gradle-wrapper.jar manually -BECAUSE- customer will not allow jar files in repository and will not have gradle installed either.

More details: (1) have a security crazy customer who will not allow us to install gradle on the machine. (2) will not allow us to check jar files into code respository - Unless they were compiled on the machine from native code. (3) We are allowed to create/access a Nexus repository into which we will upload

So it is chicken and the egg. We cannot install gradle but without gradle how do we create the ./gradle/wrapper/gradle-wrapper.jar & *.properties file?

My idea was that I could hande compile the gradle-wrapper.jar from gradle source and hand create the file.

Once the jar file is compiled internally then we are allowed to check it into code revision.


Given you say you have Nexus, you could maybe publish it there on an anonymously available repository (to make it easy) and then use curl (or something similar) to pull the JAR down?

You could wrap all of this in your own script with the general process being:

  1. Curl wrapper JAR 2. Execute ‘gradlew’ script (passing arguments along).

Otherwise you leave everything the wrapper normally provides in the repo, just pull the JAR out.