Bootstrap gradle-wrapper with gradle wrapper scripts

Consider improving gradle wrapper scripts to download gradle-wrapper.jar when it’s absent.

In Apache project source distributions shipping gradle-wrapper.jar or any kind of binaries is not acceptable. (see and ).

Ideally the gradle command would respect the values in the file, then we wouldn’t need any shell scripts or .jar files to get a reproducible build. The best way to respect that file is the tooling api actually. So, I took an approach where I bundle the tooling api jar into an executable shell script ( I can then run “skipper” instead of any gradlew and still get reproducible builds that uses the distribution that I have specified. I haven’t fully figured out how to bundle this for windows, I guess the principle of respecting the is what counts, so a windows version could be a .bat file and a .jar, that is installed onto the PATH.

I’d like to see Gradleware offer a CLI tool like this. It better mimics how IDEs reads in a project and possible eliminates the requirement of checking in a binary file for reproducible builds.