How do you turn a existing netbeans project into a gradle project(JMonkeyEngine SDK)

So bascically, I am working on a little prototype of a game in the JMonkeyEngine SDK(which is based on netbeans, you can find the website here: ). I don’t like netbeans and i want to move to gradle so i decided to turn my existing netbeans project(which also has android as well as java files) into a gradle project so i can import it in eclipse. I haen’t been able to find a way to turn my netbeans project into a gradle project ANYWHERE! All of the websites I have gone to are about makinga new project but that is not what i want to do! So please help

I am not aware of any automated solution how to convert NetBeans project into Gradle project. I can only speculate that project created by JMonkeyEngine SDK is Ant based project since this is the most common project type used by NetBeans. If that’s the case then you can use Ant from Gradle. See