Eay way to update Gradle in existing netbeans project

In a netbeans project, is there an easy way to update / upgrade Gradle.

As example, I went from netbeans 11 to 12. One project was a native build (I think native is ant). I opened and worked with no problems.

However in a Gradle project, a message about update came up, I updated Gradle (I thought), then nothing but errors. I actually made a new project and all worked. I had to manually redo all, recreate servlets, etc

Please tell me, is there an almost no nonsense, easy way to update gradle without ruining an existing project.

To add, I even opened a 7 year old project that had “native build”, did a clean and build, it ran fine.

Why in the World is Gradle that hard to use, work with.

Also am I correct, is ant used for native build? Thanks

I just want to be able to click update gradle (whatever), and my project still work.