How do I make PublishToMavenRepository output a full artifact target URL?

When publishing to a Maven repository, Gradle outputs:

Uploading: com/example/my-web/1.0.0-SNAPSHOT/my-web-1.0.0-20141013.094357-861.war to repository remote at

Is it possible to get it to output a full URL instead? That is, something like:

Uploading: to
remote repository

Our build system parses the output for URLs, and pass them on to our pipeline. This works out of the box for Maven, but it seems more work is needed for Gradle.

Here’s my current attempt at a workaround:

tasks.withType(PublishToMavenRepository) {

doLast {

publication.artifacts.each {

System.err.println(“Uploaded: ${repository.url}/${publication.groupId.replaceAll(/./, ‘/’)}/${publication.artifactId}/${publication.version}/${}”)




But a problem is that it doesn’t give me artifact names like stuff-web-1.0.0-20141013.121248-33.war, only stuff-web-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.war

When publishing to Maven, Gradle (still) uses the Maven Ant tasks. The snapshot version number is generated by the task, and not exposed to Gradle.