How do I get a list of all the published artifact urls?

I am using the maven-publish plugin to publish my artifacts to a nexus repository. I see that there is a log statement when things get uploaded, something like:

Uploading: com/myorg/artifact/1.0.0-SNAPSHOT/artifact-1.0.0-20140905.204142-3.jar to repository remote at

From what I can tell from diving in to the source, this probably comes from a maven library, not gradle itself. Is there an easy way to get the full URL of all the published artifacts? Something like:

Or at least easy access to both the nexus server url and each artifact that is published so that I can piece these together myself.


Try enabling ‘INFO’ logging.

$ gradle --info publish

There’s no way to retrieve this information with the help of the maven-publish plugin. I’d have a look at the Nexus REST API which might provide the information you need.