How do I include javadoc for compile time dependent subprojects?

I’ve found GRADLE-1876 to be similar but it’s been last touched two years ago. While it offers a “okay” solution in the initial report, I wonder if there’s an easier way to basically control javadoc’s “-link” option?

To provide more detail, I have a project made up from three subprojects:

  1. Model

  2. Ejb

  3. Web

Where each depends on the previous one. Now when I make the web project, I expect to be able to browse it, and javadoc having put in the links across the project boundaries where my ‘{@link model.myentity}’ specs were.

GRADLE-1876 doesn’t seem to be about linking Javadoc outputs, but about aggregating them. Which of them do you want?

Since this is (still) linear chain of projects, either will do (that’s why I said the workaround in the bug is okay for now). I’d prefer to be able to link javadoc “repositories”, tho, as this idea extends more naturally to javadoc packages available via maven central or the likes.

The solution given by Luke to feature request GRADLE-1876 is the best you can do for now. I think that to further improve on this, a higher-level model is required. ‘Javadoc’ is all about generating Javadoc (not publishing etc.), but smart linking would require knowledge about where the Javadoc documents (not their Jars) are published. If you have more ideas on this, can you perhaps comment on GRADLE-1876?