External links in javadoc using subproject configuration

I’m working on Gradle for the first time and I’m having some difficulty getting dependencies in a javadoc task.

When I try with a fresh project I can get something working – for example, this resolves my links fine:

However, when I try using the subprojects link and use subproj, then the list of dependencies is always empty. I can see it when I use a different task and use doLast, but not from when javadoc runs.

Is this a known problem in when dependencies are resolved? How do you get to dependencies usually?

The concept of subprojects isn’t really impactful here, but rather ordering in your file. Your implementations aren’t actually resolving dependencies from the configuration, but querying what dependencies have been declared and manually building the path in the configuration phase. Order matters in the configuration phase. The dependencies block is below the javadoc configuration in the multi-project example, therefore the dependency list is still empty when you ask for the list.

I figured out a workaround, and aalmiray added an autolinks feature to his plugin