How do I get buildship/Eclipse to copy gradle files to the output directory?

I have a Java project (No gradle project configuration) with 4 gradle files in a source subdirectory of the test folder, which are used by a .java test file in the same source subdirectory. Tests in eclipse are run from the eclipsebin_test directory. Before Eclipse 20-04, these Gradle files were properly copied over to the relevant folder in the eclipsebin_test folder, so they could be read using ClassLoader.getSystemResource. For example, ClassLoader.getSystemResource(“be/product/gradle/failingbuild.gradle”) could properly read out these gradle files, because the getSystemResource call found these files within eclipsebin_test/be/product/gradle.

However, after upgrading to Eclipse 20-04 a couple months ago, these files are no longer copied over. I’m trying to figure out why these aren’t copied over anymore during the Eclipse build process, and how I can make this happen again.