How can I turn off build percentage from command line

(Christopher Jenkins) #1

As of Gradle 1.9(I think) Gradle has reported the Building percentage “Building 89%” etc…

Which is great on a your local machine, but on TravisCI where it is logging the output you get really confusing outputs.

Is is possible to turn off this build percentage via command line?

(René Groeschke) #2


It’s a known limitation of the travis-ci environment, that they don’t proper deal with dynamic console output. as a workaround I use the following to invoke gradle via travis:

  - TERM=dumb ./gradlew assemble

hope that helps, cheers, René

(Christopher Jenkins) #3

Yeah thats done it! Cheers!

(Luke Daley) #4

This doesn’t work for me »

Am I missing something?

(Christopher Jenkins) #5

mine is

  • TERM=dumb ./gradlew testDebug --info

which works fine for me.