How can I put a jar into the EAR/lib directory using earlib group: '', name: '' , version: '', ext:''

(Daniel Mijares) #1

Using Gradle 1.0-milestone-9.

I am trying to throw a jar file in the lib directory of an EAR without much success.

The jar is a runtime only dependency (jacorb-2.3.1.jar) of an EJB jar deployed in the EAR.

The EAR looks like:

-EAR --mediation-ejb.jar --mediation-ws.war --lib — mediation-util.jar — ** I would like jacorb.jar here **

I have tried

earlib group: 'org.jacorb', name : 'jacorb', version : '2.3.1', ext : 'jar'

as per the documentation to no avail . I get the error:

Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ‘:earlib’. > Could not find group:org.jacorb, module:jacorb, version:2.3.1.

Required by:


I was thinking that I could try and declare this as a runtime dependency in the ejb ear with runtime 'jacorb…" but I still don’t know how to get it into the lib folder from there.

Any help would be appreciated!


(Vikas Varma) #2

Assuming that you want to copy this library in the lib directory instead of the default APP-INF/lib…

Can you try this

          libDirName 'lib'