How can I have gradle to output info infomation(logs) by default?

I found that by using -i and -d flags gradle can output info and debug information/logs.
Somthing like below -

./gradlew myprj:integrationTest -i #outputs info information/logs

But rather than passing -i flag on command line I want to set this options through gradle scripts i.e build.gradle etc. (Since on the remote build server I cannot pass the -i option yet)

I tried below in build.gradle file - but it did not help. I don’t get info level log with below.

test {
        testLogging {
            events 'passed', 'failed', 'standardOut', 'standardError'

I could get hold of the logger for integrationTest.

tasks.named('integrationTest') {
    doFirst {
        def logger = getLogger()
        def originalLevel = logger.isInfoEnabled()
        print 'info logging enabled: ' + originalLevel  //output false

But there is NO setLevel method/prop etc for the logger.

if anyone has any ideas, please suggest… this is quite a blocker for me in determining whats happening on the remote build server. Without info level logs, i am just blinded.

I don’t think you can do it from the build script, but you can set it in Build Environment