How can I enable Ivy logging?

I’m new to gradle but have been using Ant/Ivy for years. I’ve created new build.gradle for an existing module and am trying to get the compile time dependencies to download from our artifactory repo.

When I run my build, I get the following error:

Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ‘:compile’. Could not find group:org.apache.hadoop, module:hadoop-core, version:1.0.0.

Required by:


I re-ran the build with -i and then -d options but I didn’t really see any details regarding why the resolved failed. It doesn’t appear to me that Ivy logging is being included in gradle’s output. How can I enable this logging so I can figure out what is going on?

Thanks, -Eric

Gradle no longer uses Ivy internally. Gradle’s own dependency resolution logging can certainly need some improvements, and we’ll work on it after 1.0.

Note that failed resolution is currently cached as well, so you’ll need to use ‘–refresh-dependencies’ to make Gradle try again.

Thanks for the quick response. Using “–refresh-dependencies --info” displayed the information I was looking for. My problem was that I had configured multiple maven urls in the same maven block so only the last defined URL was being used.

This topic pointed me the right direction: