Problem with accessing a local ivy repo

My company are using ivy+ant to build their software.

Inspired by the success with gradle at home I played around with creating a build.gradle for one of our projects.

But I have no success in retreiving stuff from our local ivy repo. I get the message :

Cause: Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ':default'.
Cause: Module version group:king, module:plataforma, version:1.0.0, configuration:default declares a dependency on configuration 'default' which is not declared in the module descriptor for group:king, module:king_constants, version:0.24.6

build.gradle extract:

repositories {
    ivy {
        url ""
        layout 'pattern', {

The ivy.xml file for the artifact that fails

<ivy-module version="2.0">
    <info organisation="king" module="king_constants" revision="0.24.6"/>
        <conf name="runtime" description="Runtime dependencies (they are transitive)"/>
        <conf name="test-checkstyle" description="Special configuration to resolve checkstyle to a separate dir."/>
        <conf name="test-libs" description="Resolve all unit-testing frameworks"/>
        <conf name="build-libs" description="Libraries and tools needed for building"/>
        <artifact name="king_constants" type="jar" conf="runtime" ext="jar"/>
        <dependency org="org" name="svnant" rev="1.3.0" conf="build-libs->runtime"/>

Since the ivy.xml has no configuration named default, you’ll have to choose one explicitly. For example:

dependencies {
  compile group: "king", name: "king_constants", version: "0.24.6", configuration: "build-libs"
  runtime group: "king", name: "king_constants", version: "0.24.6", configuration: "runtime"
  testCompile group: "king", name: "king_constants", version: "0.24.6", configuration: "test-libs"