Host Gradle wrapper code as a Git remote site, so Gradle goodness can be added to a project when Gradle *is not* already installed locally

Hi, This is just a whim, but hopefully a useful one.

Basically, I was having problems specifying my Gradle install PATH entry on Windows 7, for a GitBash terminal, so I decided to copy the various Gradle wrapper scripts and folders into my current project. It then occurred to me that I might like to do this quite often, whenever Gradle were unavailable.

So, do you think it might be a good idea to host the most current Gradle wrapper files as, say, a Git repository, with instructions on adding the repository as a Git remote and pulling in the Gradle wrapper artifacts?

I’ll give you a starter for 10, I’ve just done something like this for my own personal use, however, it’s publically hosted over at Github:

Your thoughts and feedback would be welcome.