Help gathering dependencies

I am looking for a way to basically have one portion of my CI/CD pipeline pull down all appropriate dependencies prior to the following stages. (Basically running the next portions in --offline)

Right now I’m compiling an Android application that is in a multi-module project. The following seems to be my required task list to get it to “pull down” all dependencies:

gradle :app:dependencies :buildSrc:dependencies :data:dependencies :domain:dependencies
            :presentation:dependencies :data:javaPreCompileDev :domain:generateDevRFile
            :presentation:dataBindingMergeDependencyArtifactsDev :domain:kaptGenerateStubsDevKotlin
            :data:generateDevRFile :app:checkDevAarMetadata :app:javaPreCompileDev
            presentation:javaPreCompileDev app:mergeDevResources :domain:extractDevAnnotations
            :domain:minifyDevWithR8 :data:kaptGenerateStubsDevKotlin
            :presentation:kaptGenerateStubsDevKotlin :data:minifyDevWithR8
            :presentation:transformDevClassesWithAsm :app:loadKtlintReporters --refresh-dependencies

If I try just the basic modules:

gradle :app:dependencies :buildSrc:dependencies :data:dependencies :domain:dependencies

This does not pull down everything that is required for me to run, for example: gradle assembleDev

How can I go about having a task that would get everything I need without needing to run --offline step by step to see which task it needs to run next to grab the dependencies?


My layout is as follows:

 - build.gradle.kts
 - settings.gradle

 - buildsrc/
   - build.gradle.kts
 - app/
   - build.gradle.kts
 - presentation/
   - build.gradle.kts
 - domain/
   - build.gradle.kts
 - data/
   - build.gradle.kts

You could make a task that resolves all resolvable configurations, that would probably handle a great deal. But actually you could never be fully sure. A plugin or task could always resolve things dynamically at execution time, for example using a detached configuration.

Hmm okay, so I might be SOL if a lot of these tasks are dynamically pulling down these deps