Groovy-gradle-plugin not found error occurs with buildSrc plugin

I have a gradle project I’m trying to add jacoco reporting with aggregation to and I can’t seem to make things work… When I try to add a buildSrc plugin to the repo with a build script containing

plugins {
    id 'groovy-gradle-plugin'

the build consistantly fails, mentioning that groovy-gradle-plugin is not a core plugin. I can’t find any other instances of this with my searching, so I’m asking here.

It is a multimodule project with a root module and some sub modules. one of which will fail to compile due to an intentional error. I’ve attached a zip file with the project for anybody who wants to take a look.

I was following this guide for this. The only difference I see in this project from the sample provided is that the root module has its own java source and test files which are compiled.

I accidentally deleted the wrapper directory and I was unable to regenerate the wrapper because this error would always occur when I ran gradle wrapper as well.

What am i doing wrong? (32.5 KB)

Looking in I see a 6.3 directory, suggesting you were using Gradle 6.3. Support for Groovy precompiled script plugins (the groovy-gradle-plugin plugin) was added in Gradle 6.4.

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