Running tasks of custom plugin which lies in the same project but also is published to a private repository


i would need some help since im kind of coming to an end with my problem solving skills.

Before starting with the description i just want to point out which forums i already saw/tried:

Unfortunately, none of them helped.

I have a project with an for now empty build.gradle and the buildSrc-folder (also a settings.gradle with project-name and a gradle-wrapper).
In the buildSrc i have the project which holds the custom plugin. In there the build.gradle applies all the needed plugins for publishing jars and managing the groovy-files/tasks. When i call gradle uploadArchives everything works fine, it uploads, and i can even apply the plugin in other projects. But for testing when the repository is not available or just for quick local hacks i would like to be able to call the plugin-tasks from the overlying project.
This sadly fails, as gradle states that the plugin with the given id cannot be found. One post said that you have to write .class to apply plugins which are in the classpath (through buildSrc-compiling) but this fails with the exact same message.

Here again the structure:
-buildSrc (proj1-1)
-build (with the groovy-classes)
-groovy (with all the tasks in the correct package)
-resources (with the defined plugin-id)

Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong? :confused:

Thanks in advance and im happy to serve any more information if needed!

regards Zerg

What error are you getting? How is your buildSrc directory laid out? Do you have a public example (on github or elsewhere) that you can share?