Gradle's mavenDeployer ignores authentication credentials when uploading large files to Artifactory


Can someone help me figure out how to configure the mavenDeployer to use preemptive authentication for uploading large release files to the Artifactory? The Artifactory maximum files size is set to 0 (for unlimited size), and uploading large ‘snapshot’ files is working. Uploading release files smaller than 100 MB is working as well, but does attempt non-authenticated upload before doing a successful authenticated upload. When the ‘release’ file size is larger than 100 MB, both upload attempts are non-authentcated and the upload fails.

Here is the Artifactory request log file output when uploading a 95 MB release file:

20120904095914|3|REQUEST|x.x.x.x|non_authenticated_user|PUT|/local/com/tlc/build/6.9.0-b2/|HTTP/1.1|401|44780077 20120904095925|2079|REQUEST|x.x.x.x|build_user|PUT|/local/com/tlc/build/6.9.0-b2/|HTTP/1.1|201|44780077

When the upload file is changed to 130 MB, this is the output:

20120904101054|7|REQUEST|x.x.x.x|non_authenticated_user|PUT|/local/com/tlc/build/6.9.0-b3/|HTTP/1.1|401|143066145 20120904101124|6|REQUEST|x.x.x.x|non_authenticated_user|PUT|/local/com/tlc/build/6.9.0-b3/|HTTP/1.1|401|143066145

… and for a 130 MB ‘snapshot’ file:

20120904105806|8|REQUEST|x.x.x.x|non_authenticated_user|GET|/libs-new-local/com/tlc/build/6.9.0-b4-SNAPSHOT/maven-metadata.xml|HTTP/1.1|401|0 20120904105806|177|REQUEST|x.x.x.x|build_user|GET|/local/com/tlc/build/6.9.0-b4-SNAPSHOT/maven-metadata.xml|HTTP/1.1|404|0 20120904105813|3751|REQUEST|x.x.x.x|build_user|PUT|/local/com/tlc/build/6.9.0-b4-SNAPSHOT/|HTTP/1.1|201|143066145

The most puzzling thing about this is why the file size would cause the client’s authentication to change. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

— Tom C.