GradleBuild.synchronize slow issue

When there is multipul sub projects in workspace (more than 500 sub projects) and executing GradleBuild.synchronize method, the process will run forever. it seems the process will take a day to finesh, so I am wondering is there a better and efficient way to synchronize the workspace when there are multiple sub projects. thanks in advance.

I realise this is a late reply, but one thing that could be worth checking is that Eclipse and the Gradle Daemon both have sufficient heap space allocated (often set via the jvm flag -Xmx, e.g. -Xmx4g) as there can be dramatic slowdown when this starts running low.

If that’s all fine, then there could be a scalability issue somewhere that may be worth reporting. One thing the devs will probably want to know is: the really-slow step while the Gradle task is still running (writing to the console)? Or after that is completed and once Eclipse goes on to synchronizing its projects?

If it can be produced with a minimal example (say, if you just script up the creation of 500 identical simple sub-projects) then that might significantly increase the chance of an issue report being actioned.

(Note I’m not involved with development, just a gradle / buildship user)