Gradle xslt task without ANT

Please note that I donot want the gradle task with embedded ant script. Is there any alternative. Please suggest

style basedir="${codegen.dir}/resources" includes=“services.xml” destdir="${codegen.dir}/META-INF" extension=".xml" style=“module.xsl” out=“services.xml” />

I have an ant task, which apply the module.xsl stylesheet to add a module reference to the service .xml definition.
Can you please let me know how can I achieve in GRADLE.

Please donot suggest something like below.
task formatTestResults {

I resolved it
task test123(type:JavaExec) {
description ‘Builds manual.‘
classpath configurations.xalan
errorOutput = new FileOutputStream(‘docout.err’)
def inxml = "$projectDir/…/$codegenDir/resources/services.xml"
def inxsl = “$projectDir/module.xsl"
def out=”$projectDir/…/$codegenDir/META-INF/services.xml"
main = ‘org.apache.xalan.xslt.Process’
args = [
’-IN’, inxml,
’-XSL’, inxsl,
’-OUT’, out