Gradle with Javascript Support

We use cmake for our C/C++ projects, and have used the same built tool for our Javascript projects. The process is that the cmake build tool just calls on yarn for build, test and packaging an NPM (for our own libraries). It also calls on rpmbuild to package an RPM for installation of the web applications on an Apache server.

I really wish Gradle could be used to build a web application written with Javascript.
Being a Java man, I do not like the build tools of npm and yarn. With the lack of any other suitable build tools for Javascript, using dependency resolution and building with yarn seems inevitable.

Does Gradle in any way support Javascript?
How great would it not be if Gradle could handle the npm dependencies in its dependencies block, and all you would need is set plugin 'javascript'.

I could only find one article written in 2014 of using Gradle for building javascript.

Edit: Found an article on creating a Javascript project with gradle, that uses Spring Boot.

The purpose of this last articles project seems to be “We want to serve the JavaScript frontend application as static resources from the Java backend application”.
The word static worried me. I can still create a dynamic web application? The Spring Boot I guess is just for running the web application within a server (Like an embedded Web server)?
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