Gradle unable to exclude jars from common project

I have a ‘common’ project which gradle build using jars from my local directory i.e- common/lib/ folder,not from respository. In lib folder i have downloaded the libraries myself and pasted into it.
now i have one other project ‘RestServc’ which use this common project and in RestServc 's build.gradle i am downloading the depedencies ,one of the depedency found in both places ,in common and Restservc both i.e httpclient-4.3.2 .jar which is in ‘common’ and httpClient 4.5.jar in RestServc . Now i want to remove this httpClient4.3.2 when i do gradle build of Restservc . I tried multiple ways but not succeeded yet . Becuase i am importing the project in gradle like compile(project : common) - it has all libraries in lib folder ,now i want to remove one of them -httpclient4.3.2.