Gradle starter contribution

Hi gradle devs, I’m an android developer from almost two years, but only in the last month I began to really work close with gradle. The last problem with I deal was the use of —multi-dex option to automate the split of the Dalvik Executable ( famous DEX ) in more files, and assemble it into the final .apk file.

I’m really stuck that a problem that’s being so common hasn’t a workaround that doesn’t take two days to be implemented! So, I decided to go into the development of something like a plugin, that enable the --multi-dex option for you. I know that there is something similar in google code, but come on… It does not work!! Developers want an easy plugin right? So, as good guys do, I read the contributors documentation, that say to ask here for suggestion and help… It something halfway between an idea and a question… I’m going to be REALLY exited to work with the developers of this marvel compiler! Thanks to everyone!

Google just ship official solution about multidex, see

android plugin 0.14.0 release note:

So sorry about that, it’s not all this visible… I didn’t find it before! So I’m going to look for other contirbutions… Have you any idea? Thanks :wink: