Gradle source code avail from Java proj

I would like to make the gradle source code available to my Java IDE projects (I use IntelliJ). However, I don’t want it included or referenced in the artifacts. How could I do this?

You’ll have to find out how to do this in the IDEA UI, inspect the generated XML (likely in the *.ipr file), and use an XML hook to generate that information. Not as daunting as it sounds.

What about leveraging embedded gradle? See the cookbook for the embedded gradle stuff:

search for “Using gradle itself as an embedded repository”

Is this viable? I want it to work for both idea and eclipse…

That information is outdated, and I don’t see how it is related to sources.

If you need IDEA and Eclipse, you’ll have to implement it for both. There is currently no other way than you writing some code.

ok, thanks Peter!