Gradle "setupBuild" vs "init --type": What is best for converting from pom?

What is the difference between gradle “setupBuild” and gradle “–init” ? They seem to have similar definitions,but for me “gradle --init pom.xm.” seems to create some windows and bash files which can then be used to convert my pom file into a gradle project.

the incubating “setupBuild” task was renamed to “init” in one of the recent versions of gradle. you can find the details here:

cheers, rené

Excellen. So… Does --init support maven profiles? If not how can I duplicate a maven profile in gradle. As is , I see a highly simplistic gradle project being constructed which doesn’t reflect my maven multi profile/integration test based project

just to be clear: “–init” is no valid option it’s “gradle init”. Maven profiles are currently not supported by the init task as gradle does not support a concept of profiles. can you elaborate a bit what usecase in your build is adressed by maven profiles?

Thanks for the responses !

Details, Im trying to convert: to a gradle project…

At deployment, The Jar file is run in different classpaths, depending on the state of the application.

But in development, we want to test it in a single machine : so we use maven profiles to run different integration tests for different parts of the app.

So, we thus have many build “profiles”, which define unique dependencies, and run unique tests. one for “pig”, one for “hive”, etc…