Maven Project to Gradle


I’m completely new to gradle and the developing world in general, but I was given a project to convert a maven build into a Gradle build. I was given the maven build and I know I can convert the .pom file into something gradle readable. I guess what I’m trying to say is how do i begin! what steps do I need to take with this maven project in order to convert it to a gradle project?

Hello Raphael, well one way to start would be to use the incubating gradle init task that can convert ‘simple’ maven builds into a gradle build. have a look at the according chapter in the gradle userguide:

cheers, René

Thanks for contacting me! I’m more so confused on which directories to put the .pom files into

you don’t need to move your pom files. just checkout your maven project and run the gradle init task in the root folder of your maven project.

cheers, rené