Gradle refresh does not appear to grab all required .jars

As background info, I’m working in Eclipse Mars.2 (4.5.2) and using Gradle Buildship version 1.0.9.v20160201-1803.

I’m trying to pull a project down from a GitLab repository and then update the dependencies using Gradle. The project pulls down fine, but I’m missing a significant amount of Project and External Dependencies, though not all of them. Gradle refresh does not add all of the .jars to the Project and External Dependencies, though it evidently downloads all of them. Eclipse itself also does not cooperate with TFS Version Control and attempting to convert this project I’m having the Gradle issues with to Maven does not work (connection to the Maven index times out).

Has anyone encountered this set of issues? Is there a particular problem I’m having that connects all three issues? I reinstalled eclipse, java, my jdk, and all plug-ins but these issues persist.

Sounds like you’re behind a proxy. You can configure proxies in the Eclipse preferences under General -> Network Connections

Also, please update to the current Buildship version 1.0.15

Jut configured Proxy settings and updated to 1.0.15, unfortunately to no avail. The strange thing is this problem occurred seemingly randomly, as I was able to build the project and run it just fine until I edited a few lines of code in a .java file, which caused it to fail. Pulling the project from the GitLab repo (which works just fine on others’ machines) does not resolve the situation either.

Running the project tells me that a JNI error has occurred, which appears to be the result of the Gradle problems I’m having rather than part of the problem itself.

I’m afraid I can’t help you without seeing some reproducible example.