Gradle plugin rejected. but no email

Hey i’ve tried to submit my plugin multiple times and it gets rejected. But i never got any email or message why it was rejected. could someone give me some pointers on what i still need to change?
Since i’m starting to give up the effort to publish it.

I think the UI could also be improved that pending plugins don’t just get removed, but get marked rejected with the reason why.

If I had to guess, it’s probably due to using the.flowering.branches as the group and beginning of the plugin ID. These are supposed to be a fully qualified name that you own, not something random. You definitely don’t own the domain flowering.the since .the is not a valid TLD. If you don’t own a suitable domain, using your GitHub user or organization is also acceptable, as long as it’s yours…
i.e. com.github.borissmidt.mima-gradle-plugin