Will my plugin be allowed?

I’m in the process of developing a gradle plugin to assist users building JavaFX applications who use a mapping / GIS library I maintain.

I’ve been reading the publishing approval page and it says:

Plugins that are too specific to a particular use case or company will be rejected. Consider publishing it to a private Maven or Ivy repository if that is the case.

The plugin isn’t specific to a particular use case, but it will be specific to the library the company I work for publish. This git repository is an example application using my library.

I basically don’t want to go through the publishing process only to find it is rejected at the last hurdle.


It might be better to ask at GitHub - gradle/plugin-portal-requests: Gradle Plugin Portal issues and requests..
This is a community forum where mainly users help other users. :slight_smile:

Thanks - I’ll do that.

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@sterling I did look at the issue requests area above and it didn’t feel like an appropriate place to ask my question. What is the correct place to ask this question?

The library my plugin will be to help developers with is publicly available as shown in this git repository.


That place is the place to get help with plugin portal and where the chance that a Gradle employee will answer is much higher than here.
Imho your question is perfectly suitable for that place.
If you disagree, I have no other idea where to ask, besides hoping someone from Gradle reads and answers here. :slight_smile:

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Hey @Vampire, thanks a lot for helping out with this! (and helping with a lot of other stuff too, really appreciate it!)

Indeed, the team responsible for the Plugin Portal visits the forum rarely. FTR, there is another way to contact the team: support email.

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