Gradle platform not applied to dependants

It appears that gradle is ignoring my platform in a down-stream dependant.

I have a project that depends on a BOM:

artifactId = "foo"
groupId = "bar"
version = "1.0"

dependencies {
  api platform("baz:1.0.0")
  // Depends on some other version of boom transitively.

Now I push that to the maven local repository with gradle publishToMavenLocal.

I have another project that depends on this via the maven repository:

artifactId = "asd"
groupId = "def"
version = "1.0"

repositories {

dependencies {

In the asd:def project, the version of something:boom is not taken from the platform, it comes from something:with-transitive-dependency-on-boom.

I want downstream projects to just depend on my project and we’ll declare the right dependencies for them. They shouldn’t have to reapply the platform to get the right dependencies. Any ideas how to do this?