Gradle not downloading the right version of a component

I am working on a Kotlin project that uses Vaadin framework.
I am trying to migrate my project from Vaadin 22 to Vaadin 23.3.
I have encountered lots of issues, but one of them is “Gradle downloading the wrong version of a Vaadin component.”
The Vaadin component is called Enhanced Dialog, from Vaadin Component Factory.
I changed the ENHANCED_DIALOG constant in my Versions.kt from 21.0.0 to 23.1.2 since the former is not compatible with Vaadin 23.
When I check the downloaded Gradle files, I find the following in :
@NpmPackage(value = "@vaadin-component-factory/vcf-enhanced-dialog", version = "21.0.0")
Any ideas about this issue?

Gradle downloading the wrong version of a Vaadin component.

Then you probably told it to. :slight_smile:
But as you do not provide any information about your build it is hard to guess what is wrong.
You can use the dependencies task and the dependencyInsight task to gather more information.
Optimally, you could use (and provide) a build --scan which usually should make pretty clear where the version comes from.
If I depend on "com.vaadin.componentfactory:enhanced-dialog:23.1.2" the correct version is downloaded.

And a side-note, I recommend throwing away Versions.kt and instead using a version catalog.