Gradle new plugin installation

What should I do to install a plugin into gradle so I can use it in the future builds.

I want to use rpm plugin here:

I tried downloading the project and copying the jar that’s there in the %GRADLE_HOME%/lib/plugins, but it doesn’t look like it works since

apply plugin: ‘rpm’


This should probably be easy, but I don’t see it in docs or can’t really find how to do it. Do I need to run some task to put the jar in the repository of plugins? Any info would be appreciated.

Just follow the link you posted and check the README of the plugin.

Do you mean It contains information how to use it, but I don’t see anything about how to install it.

It might me a stupid question, but I couldn’t find how do I install plugins to gradle.

There is no separate installation step. You just need to declare a buildscript dependency on the plugin, as shown under “Usage” in the README.

But how does it get the rpm plugin? I operate from linux box that is not connected to internet, so I guess I need to copy it somewhere in repository of plugins.

In that case, you need to download the plugin Jar and change the declaration to:

buildscript {
    dependencies {
        classpath files("absolute/or/relative/path/to/plugin/jar")

If the plugin has third-party dependencies, you need to download and declare them as well. Or you install an in-house repository manager that proxies Maven Central.

Thanks, that makes it more clear. I guess I will install in-house repository.

I recommend to give Artifactory a try.

Ok, I talked to people in the office and it turns out that someone already installed Artifactory, lucky me.

So, I uploaded the jar there, I took the jar from maven repository here:|-1760209988

I downloaded the jar and uploaded it locally.

Artifactory says to use this line (the path is Repository Path: plugins-release-local:gradle-rpm-plugin/gradle-rpm-plugin/1.4/gradle-rpm-plugin-1.4.jar ):

compile(group: ‘gradle-rpm-plugin’, name: ‘gradle-rpm-plugin’, version: ‘1.4’)

I inserted it in dependencies.

As for repository I have this:

repositories {

maven {

url “

} }

I also have

apply plugin: ‘rpm’

line in the build script. I still get the error that plugin with id ‘rpm’ is not found, so I guess something in my configuration is not right.

You also need to upload the POM. Then follow the instructions in the README. (Your code above differs from what’s written in the README.)