Gradle lint NPE

Executing task :lint due to :
Task has not declared any outputs:
:lint Failed

java.lang.NullPointerException (no error message)

when i am using gradle lint…sometimes above crash reported…
But i can not find any “regular” …

What’s the Gradle version you are using? Can you point us to a build that reproduces the issue?

hmmm, if i can reproduce this issue using my self-written code, i think i have been known the reason…

Now, I am using gradle 2.14.1, Here maybe i have a clue:
when i firstly run gradle lint, mostly it succeed…
But after that time… everything goes dark…(whether i use clean or not)
Here i suspect that the cache’s reason, or third-party’s plugin’s reason?

And I think what I can provide now is

Maybe if you will, can you provide some reasons to yield this crash…?
maybe I can check it one by one…

Interesting. Thanks for providing us with the stack trace. This looks like a real bug to me in Gradle. It seems to be happening when we build the task execution graph. Would it possible for you to condense this issue to a minimalistic Gradle project that demonstrates the issue? We’d love to fix the issue.