Gradle failure during black duck scan

I tried to scan the black duck. But it is showing gradle failure. It is showing like this.

You provide zero information how to help you.
What is a “black duck”?
What is “scanning” a black duck?
What has that to do with Gradle?
Are you trying to write a Gradle build and have problems, then please provide more information about your build.
If you just try to run a build someone else has written and it does not work, maybe ask that person what your problem is, or at least provide more information.
From what you showed it is absolutely unclear - at least to me - what you are actually trying to do or what problem you have, as you do not even provide an error message.

If you write a build and it really complains about blackducksoftware.integration:integration-gradle-inspecror:0.7.1, then it is probably because you miss the com. in the beginning and swapped a t for an r later on.