Gradle doesn't support relocated artifacts if they are part of transitive dependencies


We still experience issue related to the artifacts relocation, when the artifacts are the part of the transitive dependencies, quite similar to this:

We have oracle artifacts relocated within the same repository from one groupID to another (see pom example below).

During dependency resolution Gradle downloads the poms from the old location:

Download http://artifactory/development/oracle/ojdbc7/12.1.1/ojdbc7-12.1.1.pom
Download http://artifactory/development/oracle/orai18n/12.1.1/orai18n-12.1.1.pom
Download http://artifactory/development/oracle/ucp/12.1.1/ucp-12.1.1.pom

But silently doesn’t pick up the jars from a new location at all, without any notification.

And as far as it’s a transitive dependencies even compilation goes through smoothly.

But tests are failed due to the missing oracle classes.

Is this behaviour intentional?

Example of pom file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project xsi:schemaLocation="" xmlns=""

For experiment, I’ve added to my project ojdbc7 as direct dependency with correct GAV

And result of the command dependencyInsight shows that Gradle doesn’t correctly resolve them. I have 2 dependencies with different groupId.

//this is my new direct deps
\--- compile
//this comes from another project pom.
+--- pm-core:3.1.2
  +--- compile
  \--- pm-module-test-environment:1.0.1-20140320-175130
       \--- compile