Gradle doesn't support relocated artifacts if they are part of transitive dependencies

(Natalia Yastrebova) #1


We still experience issue related to the artifacts relocation, when the artifacts are the part of the transitive dependencies, quite similar to this:

We have oracle artifacts relocated within the same repository from one groupID to another (see pom example below).

During dependency resolution Gradle downloads the poms from the old location:

Download http://artifactory/development/oracle/ojdbc7/12.1.1/ojdbc7-12.1.1.pom
Download http://artifactory/development/oracle/orai18n/12.1.1/orai18n-12.1.1.pom
Download http://artifactory/development/oracle/ucp/12.1.1/ucp-12.1.1.pom

But silently doesn’t pick up the jars from a new location at all, without any notification.

And as far as it’s a transitive dependencies even compilation goes through smoothly.

But tests are failed due to the missing oracle classes.

Is this behaviour intentional?

Example of pom file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project xsi:schemaLocation="" xmlns=""

For experiment, I’ve added to my project ojdbc7 as direct dependency with correct GAV

And result of the command dependencyInsight shows that Gradle doesn’t correctly resolve them. I have 2 dependencies with different groupId.

//this is my new direct deps
\--- compile
//this comes from another project pom.
+--- pm-core:3.1.2
  +--- compile
  \--- pm-module-test-environment:1.0.1-20140320-175130
       \--- compile