Gradle dependency sources not appearing in Eclipse classpath for the War Plugin

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I am working on a Java web project that uses Gradle (version 2.1) as the build dependency tool. I use Eclipse Luna as my IDE. My OS is Mac 10.9 (Mavericks).

This is my build.gradle file (very basic and stripped down for ease of illustration):

apply plugin: 'java'
    apply plugin: 'eclipse-wtp'
          sourceCompatibility = 1.8
    version = '1.0'
          repositories {
          dependencies {
        compile group: '', name: 'guice', version: '3.0'

So just one dependency, Guice. I will generate my Eclipse classpath and project files using ‘gradle cleanEclipse eclipse’. Then I will import an existing project into my workspace. I like being able to view the source code of my dependencies in my Eclipse projects, so I will open a Guice class, such as ‘’, using CMD-SHIFT-T. And voila, the source code of that file will appear.

But I working on a web project, so I need to be able to build a WAR file instead of a JAR file. Therefore, I am going to apply the Gradle War Plugin by replacing ‘apply plugin: ‘java’’ with ‘apply plugin: ‘war’’. Then I rerun ‘gradle cleanEclipse eclipse’ and reopen my project.

Now, instead of seeing the source code when I open up Injector, I will see the bytecode viewer with the Attach Source button. I find it hard to believe that this is the intended behaviour. My thought here is that Gradle is not correctly outputting Eclipse classpath once I swap out the Java Plugin for the War Plugin. Whenever I use a Gradle project with the Java Plugin or any Maven project, I am able to view the source code of third party classes just fine.

Note that I am not using the Gradle Integration for Eclipse Plugin because I wish to pinpoint the root cause of this issue without adding an extra layer of complexity to it.