Gradle dependencies with maven packaging bundle FAILED,can't down load the jar

I’m using drools 6.x.

The gradle build script:

apply plugin: 'java'
apply plugin: 'eclipse'
repositories {
ext {
 droolsVersion = '6.1.0.Final'
dependencies {
 compile "org.kie:kie-api:$droolsVersion@jar"
 compile "org.drools:drools-core:$droolsVersion@jar"
 compile "org.drools:drools-compiler:$droolsVersion@jar"

When I use eclipse task,these dependencies can’t be downloaded.

  <packaging>bundle</packaging><!-- bundle = jar + OSGi metadata -->

Try to omit the ‘@jar’.

My English is poor. Thanks. I has omitted the @jar at first. Can’t work.

The org.kie:kie-api:6.1.0.Final pom is|gav|1|g%3A"org.kie"%20AND%20a%3A"kie-api"

  <packaging>bundle</packaging><!-- bundle = jar + OSGi metadata -->

Gradle can’t process bundle packaging

Resolves fine for me when omitting ‘@jar’ (Gradle 2.0). Had to add a repository (“”) that contains the transitive dependency “org.jboss.dashboard-builder:dashboard-builder-bom:6.1.0.Final”. Otherwise, resolution would fail with a misleading top-level error message (“Could not parse POM”).

Raised GRADLE-3160 for the misleading error message.

thks. Peter. I’ will use this and wait for GRADLE-3160