Gradle dependencies tree viewer (tool)

Hello Gradle community!
we would like to share our Avast internal tool for analyzing Gradle dependencies.

Since there is still no good support for Gradle dependencies view in IntelliJ IDEA (at least not good as for Maven is) and it’s really difficult to browse (especially for larger projects with tens of listed dependencies) we decided to create this very simple tool. This tool usually helps us to solve such common dependency-hell problem like “Where this dependency/artifact came from?” or “Which dependencies are coming with this included artifact?”.

You can try to use it HERE .

All suggestions are welcome.

-L. Vitasek aka Vity

Very cool. Have you tried build scans?

Hello Mark,
I am glad you like it. Spread a word among your colleagues :slight_smile: .
No, I didn’t know that. It looks similar but for my usecases my solution seems to be better.

I’d love to hear more about your specific use cases. Could you elaborate?