Gradle daemon fails to start

Win XP Java 1.6.0_45 Gradle 1.5

gradlew tasks work fine, just can’t start a daemon from command line nor eclipse. Command line daemon debug output here:

Thanks for any help!

Looks like you don’t have enough free memory to run the Gradle daemon. With the JDK’s ‘jps’ command, you can easily check if you already have other Gradle daemons running, and can kill them if necessary.

Using 1.5GB of 3.5GB. How much more does it need? When testing this from the command line, eclipse is not running.

2g free memory should be enough, but log says it can’t reserve enough heap size. Do you set a custom max heap size or permgen size in ‘GRADLE_OPTS’ or ‘’? Default max heap size for daemon is quite high (1024m), but I wouldn’t expect it to reserve everything upfront. Default permgen size is 256m and will likely be reserved upfront.

Added org.gradle.jvmargs=-Xmx928m to and it worked even though there was plenty of RAM. Maybe this might help someone else. Thanks for your quick responses!

OK, so the daemon default (’-Xmx1024m’) was probably too high. java-maximum-memory-on-windows-xp offers some explanations and suggestions.